Why managed server hosting with Vander Host

Managed server hosting is a question of expertise, convenience, and time.

Server hosting providers typically offer their infrastructure – data centres which have bandwidth, redundancy, primary and backup power, and cooling.

Clients who acquire hosted services are not always aware the onus of expertise to run the services lies with the client. A typical hosting provider doesn’t volunteer free engineering time to offer services apart from the base infrastructure services already offered. To accommodate clients who would rather outsource part or all of these services, Vander Host offers a managed server hosting service with a detailed breakdown on what’s on offer.

Vander Host already takes responsibility for the server uptime, power, bandwidth, and cooling. 

With managed server hosting you additionally get:

  • Software and security updates
  • Firewall configuration
  • Backups (ensuring they happen and are complete)
  • Troubleshooting performance issues that might occur
  • Emergency standby engineering support
  • Assistance with migrations and upgrades
  • Advanced monitoring
  • WordPress backup and restores
  • Dedicated escalation channels

We offer different configurations, but the most popular is our R950 package. For R950 per month, per server, includes up to 5 hours of work on your server. Additionally up to 5 sensors are supplied and a remote application. The sensors can be configured for any protocol, e.g. HTTP, SMTP, IMAP, etc. Additional sensors are available for R50 per sensor per month.

For only R950 per month you get world-class engineering support, and an escalation channel, for your server(s). Please note this is an optional service and you’re still welcome to order VPS server hosting without the management aspect.

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