Vander Host now offering web hosting in San Francisco and Frankfurt

Vander Host is happy to announce that we have expanded our hosting presence in both San Francisco and Frankfurt by doubling the capacity available at these locations.

Since inception, Vander Host has been offering Virtual Private Servers (VPS) in the cloud at over 10 locations in 4 continents, but now with our increased US, European and European capacity, businesses and entrepreneurs have the option to host their websites in a data centre closer to their region. This means that sites will serve at maximum speed due to reduced latency.

All our web hosting packages have the award-winning cPanel hosting control and include unlimited email accounts, unlimited web traffic and much more. We also specialise in super-fast WordPress hosting and offer various caches including LiteSpeed.

Order web hosting now and be sure to select San Francisco or Frankfurt in the ordering process. You can also use coupon code TRYME for a 1-month free trial.

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