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As a hosting business, we are very fortunate to work with many talented designers and developers in the digital space. Often when clients host their website and email with us the next question is if we can help them with their web design.

At Vander Host, our core focus is and will always be hosting. We would rather refer our exceptional suppliers to our clients and provide them with possible design sources for their next big thing.

We’ve reached out to a select list of service providers and created listings for them. You can view the current set of Experts and their Skills:

Click here to Find an Expert

If you know of really excellent service providers in the design and development space, let us know or direct them to vander.host/experts where they can apply for a listing.

Some of the benefits for designers/developers include:

  • Generate leads and receive referrals
  • Open to individuals and companies
  • Showcase services to a wide audience
  • Our website gets over 16 000 searches per month
  • Become part of a huge referral network

Best of all – It’s totally free!

We would love to know what you think about this service.

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