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In 2020 South Africa’s Ecommerce industry generated revenue of R50B as well as contributed to the worldwide Ecommerce growth of 29%.

We saw so many entrepreneurs and business owners rise to the opportunity presented by one of the most economically uncertain times for retailers and commerce in general. They saw the potential and set up shop online and opened their doors to national and international clients.

We are still seeing new markets emerging, new ideas being shared and infrastructures set up online in increasingly simple and accessible ways.

We have learnt that setting up an online shop is much easier than it used to be and truthfully, anyone can do it. This decentralised market has made it possible for anyone to start generating income with a venture or idea with minimal overheads and unlimited potential.

To get you started Vander Host has put together a toolkit to help you turn your business idea into reality. This toolkit consists of WordPress, WooCommerce and PayFast.

How does it work? Well, WordPress acts as your CMS (Content Management System) which you use to build and design your website, WooCommerce is a plugin for WordPress that allows your website to have a Product Catalogue as well as Cart and Checkout functionality, and lastly, PayFast integration to handle your payments.

All of these tools have extensive documentation to help you manage your online shop. Here you can find support documentation for WordPress, WooCommerce, and PayFast.

Don’t worry, the initial set-up will be done by us and all you have to worry about is designing your website, loading your products, setting up your PayFast account and managing your shop.

Let’s see which Ecommerce Hosting plan is right for you:

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