Step 1: claim your domain, before someone else!


Is domain registration and a functional website important for your business? Absolutely. Many people are quick to think that in an era of social media, that websites are no longer necessary. But this is simply not true. Although social media is a valuable tool to help market your business, there is growing evidence that traditional social media is waning in popularity and use. Plus, unless a potential customer or client is specifically searching your company’s social media handle on Google, your business won’t come up.

A website gives your credibility

There are many good reasons why you should still invest in a website, but the most important driver is that it helps with search results and gives your business credibility. A registered, secure website shows you take your business seriously and you are here to stay.

A website builds and protects your brand

Before setting up your website, you need to register your domain name before someone else potentially takes it and you have to start thinking of names again – the sooner the better. Once your domain is registered, nobody can use that name unless they buy it from you.

Premium websites are an investment in your brand. If a competitor registers a site name that is similar to your business’, you could lose many valuable customers.

Why choose Vander Host VPS, Hosting & Domain Registration?

Vander Host has over 240 top-level domains (top-level example: “.co.za”) to choose from and competitive pricing. Register yours with us from as little as R99 per year and you have the option to create or choose from our wide variety of cool and quirky names.

Do you have an existing name but looking for a more efficient hosting provider? You can also transfer your domain to us – with the click of a button. It’s all waiting for you at vander.host/domain-registration.

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