New domain name registration options! .CO.ZA, .ORG.ZA, .WEB.ZA, and .NET.ZA now available

.CO.ZA, .ORG.ZA, .WEB.ZA, and .NET.ZA now available
Domain Name Registration

We are happy to announce a range of new domain name registration TLDs available for registration.

The TLDs we have just released are:

.CO.ZAVery popular South African TLD used by a lot of businesses that wish to brand themselves in South Africa
.ORG.ZAOriginally used for NPOs and non-profits, other businesses have now also adopted ORG.ZA
.WEB.ZAThe fairly new addition, WEB.ZA is great for web hosting and web design companies to entrench the branding with the purpose.
.NET.ZAA domain name TLD popular in South Africa.

As you can see these are all very popular in South Africa.

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