Get unlimited email addresses on all our packages

get unlimited email addresses

As many mailboxes as you like

With so many companies and a myriad of web hosting packages to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide what to settle on. Vander Host not only offers competitive pricing and speedy customer service, we also offer unlimited mailboxes/ email addresses on all our web hosting packages. This means you can have as many email addresses as needed linked to your package at no extra cost, which sets us apart from other South African web hosting providers.

Grow your business

Even international industry giants like Google and Microsoft charge around $6 (approximately R100) per email address/ user per month. Given that our Shared Hosting packages start from R69 per month for 1GB (up to 30GB), this is definitely an added bonus. So if you want to add an hello@yourcompanyname.co.za, account@yourcompanyname.co.za, the.boss@yourcompanyname.co.za etc. on top of your personalised email address, you can do so at any time at no extra cost.

Email storage capacity

Unlimited email addresses are a great bonus, but what happens if your email storage (inbox, sent, etc.) is full and you cannot afford to delete those emails due to their importance? You have one of two options:

  1. Archive those emails to your computer or device and free up space on the shared server.
  2. Upgrade to a bigger package: our pricing is on a sliding scale. The bigger the plan, the less you pay per GB of storage.

Powerful cPanel email features

We put you in charge of email management within the cPanel. Here you can create and delete email addresses/ accounts, set up unlimited forwarders and access everything within the email control panel. There are many notable features here, but we’d like to highlight these:

Configure email addresses/ accounts

This is where you create new email accounts, set mailbox sizes, modify passwords, access your webmail, configure email clients and delete accounts.

Access webmail

Webmail gives you the power to access your email from any computer (with an internet connection and web browser) at any time.

MX Entry Modification

With this feature you can set up a custom mail exchanger for a domain. Emails can be used for routing or backing up the mail exchanger from the MX control panel.

Unlimited Forwarders

Access emails fast by routing multiple emails into one account. Vander Host clients can set up as many forwarders as they need.

SpamAssassin Spam Protection

SpamAssassin filters incoming emails automatically. It auto-deletes spam, and you can configure White- and Blacklists and sets score ratings on the different filters.

Email authentication

Keeps your email addresses safe while preventing spammers from sending to your email address by “spoofing” it. We take pride in setting up DKIM and SPF, and DMARC records 100% correct to avoid issue with false positives and impersonation.

Auto Responders

Going on leave? Auto responders inform people who mail you when you will return. You can also set up a custom reply message.

Account and User Level Filtering

By setting filters with specified rules you can ensure certain emails are automatically routed to defined destinations, saving you the time you would have spent manually filtering them. (User Level Filtering works the same, allowing individual users to set their own filters.)

Ready to do business with us?

Growing your business or expanding your email user base shouldn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg – that is our philosophy here at Vander Host. Unlimited email addresses gives you the freedom to add and delete emails as you see fit, while never having to worry about the cost implications. Contact us today and let us match you with the best Web Hosting Package based on your needs.

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