Starting the New Year with a New Website? 4 Tips to create a new Website for 2023

For a business to succeed in today’s technology-saturated environment, having a business website is a necessity. These 4 tips will help you create a website easy to find and use for your prospective customers. 

1. Make your website mobile responsive

Mobile responsiveness is critical for an effective and successful website. The average South African will spend 10 hours and 6 minutes online every single day making a positive mobile user experience more crucial than ever before. A negative mobile experience affects your website’s search engine rankings, making it harder for customers to find your website through a Google search.

2. Simple Design

Readers need to be able to put information in context. If your site has too much information and images, it overloads the mind, making it difficult for the viewer to retain new information. Limit the use of fonts, colours, and images which can take away the focus of your website. Use short paragraphs and bullet points for easy reading. Keep information scannable for readers with short and concise with no more than 5 lines per paragraph.

3. Incorporate SEO best practises

When people are searching for information online they use search engines, especially Google. Most users will find what they are looking for on the first results page making it important for your site to have a high SEO ranking. Search engines use three ways to determine where your listing appears: crawling, indexing and ranking. 

Crawling is when your website’s URL appears on other websites as links. Make sure that links to your site appear on as many other websites as possible. 

When your website has been discovered by crawling bots your website is indexed. This means that your website is analysed for content, keywords, relevance, links and media. Having content relevant to your keywords is important for a high ranking.  

The ranking is how the search engine determines the best and most relevant results for any search. The ranking is based on relevance and authority, meaning the size of your site, the amount of traffic and how many other websites link to your site. 

Make sure to use SEO tools to make it easier to optimise your website. 

4. Optimise loading time

The time it takes to load your website will affect the overall user experience of your site. Users will leave your site if your website loads too slowly. Make sure your website runs smoothly by keeping software up to date, optimising videos and images for quicker downloads, and using a website host that can handle your bandwidth demands.

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