Linking referrals to a product group, a product, the cart page or register page

The primary affiliate link points the potential customer to the home page of our ordering system. Once an order is completed from this link the commission will be allocated to the Affiliate.

Certain Affiliates may want the link to be direct to a Product Group, an individual Product or even the cart or Registration Form.

In this article, we will cover the following:

  • Linking to our Product Groups
  • Linking to one of our Products
  • Linking to the Cart
  • Linking to the Registration Form

Vander Host has the following Product Groups and Products that may be useful for affiliates. Here is a list of Affiliate links you can use.

Please Note: Replace the code 001 in “aff=001” with your own unique code

Product Groups

Website Hosting https://my.vander.host/aff.php?aff=001&gid=5
VPS Hosting Worldwide https://my.vander.host/aff.php?aff=001&gid=9
VPS Hosting South Africa https://my.vander.host/aff.php?aff=001&gid=14


Website Hosting

Startup Website Hosting https://my.vander.host/aff.php?aff=001&pid=63
Basic Website Hosting https://my.vander.host/aff.php?aff=001&pid=64
Standard Website Hosting https://my.vander.host/aff.php?aff=001&pid=65
Advanced Website Hosting https://my.vander.host/aff.php?aff=001&pid=66
Enterprise Website Hosting https://my.vander.host/aff.php?aff=001&pid=67

VPS Hosting South Africa

Linux VPS SSD S 1/1/20 https://my.vander.host/aff.php?aff=001&pid=70
Linux VPS SSD M 2/2/80 https://my.vander.host/aff.php?aff=001&pid=71
Linux VPS SSD L 3/4/150 https://my.vander.host/aff.php?aff=001&pid=62
Linux VPS SSD XL 4/6/250 https://my.vander.host/aff.php?aff=001&pid=72
Linux VPS SSD XXL 8/8/500 https://my.vander.host/aff.php?aff=001&pid=73
Linux VPS SSD XXL+ 8/16/500 https://my.vander.host/aff.php?aff=001&gid=74

VPS Hosting Worldwide

Standard 1 https://my.vander.host/aff.php?aff=001&gid=39
Standard 2 https://my.vander.host/aff.php?aff=001]&pid=40
Standard 3 https://my.vander.host/aff.php?aff=001&pid=41
Standard 4 https://my.vander.host/aff.php?aff=001&pid=42
Standard 5 https://my.vander.host/aff.php?aff=001&pid=43
Standard 6 https://my.vander.host/aff.php?aff=001&pid=45

To link to the Home Page, Cart or Registration Form use the following:

Home Page https://my.vander.host/aff.php?aff=001
Cart https://my.vander.host/aff.phpaff=001&gocart=true
Registration Form https://my.vander.host/aff.php?aff=001&register=true
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