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Fuss-free web design. User-focused. Mobile-first. Customisation as needed. Easy backend use.

I’ve been working in WordPress since about 2012, creating websites for personal projects and learning as I go. I love the combination of skills that it requires, from design and customisation to user experience and copy-editing: a little bit of make-it-pretty magic, mixed with a bit of make-it-do-cool-stuff tinkering.

While I can’t build you a rocket-ship (who needs rocket-ships anyway)*, I can offer you a small-business solution that’ll be easy for you to take over once I’m done.

With a little bit of training, the WordPress backend is user-friendly and accessible for almost anyone. I use a kick-ass theme that comes bundled with very useful premium plugins, and it’s powerful enough to meet almost any need imaginable. It’s included in my pricing, and yours for life (no nasty surprises, promise).

* Though I have taken a full-stack web-dev course to familiarise myself with the lingo

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