Disk Space and Traffic Overuse

Update 1 February 2020: We have updated all our web hosting packages with UNLIMITED TRAFFIC.

When approaching your limits we recommend upgrading to the next hosting package to avoid unnecessary overuse charges billed at the end of every month.

When it comes to disk space on our South African VPS  or International VPS products, you will either have to clear up some space or upgrade to the next available package.

With Web Hosting your services will not be disrupted when you reach your disk space limit but there will be a charge, also billed at the end of the month, for the space you use over the limit.

Our overuse charges for Website Hosting and VPS Hosting are as follows:

Traffic Overuse

VPS Hosting Only

Hosting ProductMonthly Price per GB
VPS Hosting South AfricaR2.00€0.12£0.11$0.12
VPS Hosting InternationalR1.00€0.060£0.054

Disk Space Overuse

Hosting ProductMonthly Price per GB
Website HostingR50.00€3.00£2.68$3.29

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