How to install Windows 2019 on Proxmox

We could pretend we can write a better guide than Proxmox themselves, but that is completely impossible because the Proxmox documentation in exceptional.

We’ll simply highlight a couple of gems and interesting tidbits and then refer you to the actual docs themselves.


  1. Download special disk, network, and ballooning drivers here: https://fedorapeople.org/groups/virt/virtio-win/direct-downloads/stable-virtio/virtio-win.iso
  2. In addition to mounting the Windows ISO, also mount that fresh ISO as IDE device #3 (god knows why 3 but just do it)
  3. Ensure you select QEMU. You always do, don’t you?
  4. So here are interesting disk settings:
    •  Set “Write back” as cache option for best performance
    • Tick “Discard” to optimally use disk space (TRIM)
  5. Driver location on CD:
    1. Hard disk: vioscsi\2k19\amd64
    2. Network: NetKVM\2k19\amd64
    3. Memory Balloon: Balloon\2k19\amd64
  6. Choose SCSI bus as you normally would for the disk
  7. Choose this network device: VirtIO (paravirtualized)

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