What is all this autoconfig and autodiscover DNS nonsense that I see these days in Virtualmin?

Autoconfig and Autodiscover are lifesavers when it comes to email client software configuration.

Up to date email clients like Thunderbird and Microsoft Outlook will query a server to find out what the actual email settings are.

No more “which port”, and “what security” because, in theory, the email client will discover this itself. What bliss.

That’s why on up to date Virtualmin servers you will find these two additional DNS records on every domain:



On Virtualmin, enable it per domain like so:

virtualmin modify-mail --domain yourdomain.com --autoconfig

To enable it for all domains, do this:

virtualmin modify-dns --all-domains --add-record “autodiscover A a.b.c.d”

a.b.c.d must be the IP address of the server.

If you’re worried about creating duplicate records, you can do this beforehand:

virtualmin modify-dns --all-domains --remove-record “autodiscover A a.b.c.d”

Obviously repeat for autoconfig.

If you’re IPv6 then do this:

virtualmin modify-dns --all-domains --add-record “autodiscover AAAA a.b.c.d”


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