How to create a new email address using Virtualmin

About Setting Up New Email Addresses in Virtualmin

Virtualmin makes it really easy to set up new email addresses. This article explains how to create a new email account.

In order to create a new email address using your control panel, first log in. Your control panel details would have been provided when you signed up for the service. Then:

Navigate to Edit Users

Click “Add a user to this server”

Type the email address, and  password.

Under “Quota and home directory settings” make sure that Unlimited is selected unless you want to restrict the mailbox size.

Click Create.

Here is a screenshot that shows in three easy steps where you have to go to get this done:

A screenshot that explains how to create a new email account using the Virtualmin control panel

If you want to use your mail in a web browser use this link: https://mail1.vander.host/

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