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Vander Host Favourite Laravel Packages

Here are some of our favourite Laravel packages for bootstrapping successful projects: Nova Grouped Permissions Permissions handling to the next level https://novapackages.com/packages/eminiarts/nova-permissions Dark Theme https://novapackages.com/packages/david-griffiths/nova-dark-theme

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NovaApplicationServiceProvider not found error

After installing Laravel Nova the following error is returned: [user@host]$ php artisan migrate PHP Fatal error:  Class ‘Laravel\Nova\NovaApplicationServiceProvider’ not found in /home/app/public_html/app/Providers/NovaServiceProvider.php on line 10

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How to install Laravel Nova

Purchase a license Download the software from the releases section of the website Add this to the require section in composer.json: “laravel/nova”: “*” Add this

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How to set the default date using Laravel Nova

There are multiple methods, but this works: Date::make(‘Due At’)->withMeta([‘value’ => $this->due_at ?? Carbon::now()->addDays(2)->toDateString()])->hideFromIndex()->hideFromDetail(), Date::make(‘Due At’)->hideWhenCreating(),

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